Dr. Jesusito Zubiri, Philippines plastic surgeon with 25 years of experience.

Specializes in upper & lower eyelid surgery, Nose augmentation surgery, Nose reduction surgery, Face lift, Forehead - brow lift, Temporal lift, Ear tucking, Chin augmentation, Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), Liposuction, Breast enlargement, Breast lift, Breast reduction, Botox injection

Jesusito Zubiri is one of the few plastic surgeons in the Philippines who has the ability to combine technical skill with an artist’s view of beauty. With 25 years of experience, he approaches each patient with the meticulous eye of a craftsman whose hand is agile, but whose heart is in his craft.

Section Title: Lifter Uppers

The Secret of a CEO

The secret behind National Panasonic… Everyone says it is not the products he made that made Matsushita a giant in the industry.

Dedicated To All Hammers And Nails

Our hammers and nails come in many disguises: a severed friendship, a rebelling son, a wayward daughter, a doctor’s diagnosis, rapidly dwindling finances...

You Can Be Deaf And Hear; You Can Be Blind And See

Perhaps it boils down to an understanding of the difference between life and living...

The Tree of Hippocrates

Is there a connection between a 2,400 year old tree and a parent? It’s strange, but for one particular tree there’s a lot of similarity.

Beware Of The Cellphone

Cellphones are great. They’ve put us back on the high touch end of the spectrum to balance the high tech side of life. But do they have a danger?

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